Welcome to the TEL @ CCCU blog

"Welcome Sign Mosaic in Warm Tones"
Welcome Sign Mosaic in Warm Tones” by Margaret Almon. Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND

Welcome to the blog of the Learning Technology Team based at Canterbury Christ Church University. You can find out more information about the individual team members in the “About Us” section of the blog. Our various research and scholarly activities can be located in the “Publications” section if you wish to know more about what we get up to. We have recently launched an accompanying Twitter feed (@CCCUTEL) to support our social media engagement. Whilst individual team members have engaged in various social media platforms over the years either personally or professionally, it is the first time that the team have engaged with it collectively. So yes, we are a bit late coming to the party, but better late than never we say.

There were a number of reasons why we “arrived late to the party” and we were conscious that at some point we would need to engage with social media to support our students and staff, as well as raising the team’s profile in the wider Higher Education (HE) technology-enhanced learning (TEL) sector.

There is a tendency for people to jump into using social media because there is a perceived expectation that a) they should be using it,  and b) they do not want to feel “left out” in some way. There are some big, and important, questions that need to be asked when considering using social media: What?, Where?, When?, How? and Who? It is these questions that were our points of reference as we began to adopt a more considered approach in our engagement with social media as a team. Suffice to say, we will be using this blog and the associated Twitter feed in the following ways:

  • Case studies, both internal and external, on how learning technology is being used;
  • Evaluation of software and/or mobile apps that support learning, teaching, assessment or productivity;
  • Promotion of learning, teaching, assessment and technology events (both internal and external);
  • Reviews of events attended, books or articles read, etc. relating to learning technology;
  • Signposting to resources relating to our tools (both internal and external);
  • Promotion of any research, publications and presentations that we have undertaken;
  • Service updates of our learning technology systems;
  • Communication and feedback (both internal and external);
  • Profiles and/or contact details of the LTT.

We hope to bring something a little different to the party. See you there!