"gallery" by Jack Lyons. Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND
gallery” by Jack Lyons. Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND

The Internet has an over-abundance of images that can be incorporated into websites, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. However, most are not copyright free. This page provides a list of sites that offer copyright-free or Creative Commons licensed images that can used for educative or presentational purposes.

Stock Photo Sites

Picture Search Engines

JISC Collections

  • VADS (Visual Art Collection)

Subject Discipline Collections


Creative Commons

The Creative Commons licence allows content producers to assign a range of different licences to their work so that it is clear to people how the another person’s work can be shared, remixed, reused or even used commercially.

Creative Commons Zero

The Creative Commons Zero licence is where content producers have waived all copyrights and related rights to their content. It is, effectively, copyright free.

Further Advice

For further advice on digital and moving imagery, please visit JISC Digital Media (This resource is now archived).